Select and de-select value on one screen and show selection on main screen

I am new to SquareLine studio and urgently seeking help. I tried all possible ways.

On the attach screen shot, I created 3 display images. LH is the main screen and house an Steel guitar Main volume, earphone volume. Top left and right is shortcut blocks to other screens. The centre is valued selected on the centre display.
I have a few issues here.
First I struggle to select and de-select the chords on Screen 1. When I select “press” on the settings, the value for example “G” does go red as exacted, but when I click on it from mouse it go red but de-select, it does not stay selected. How do I keep it selected until I either click on another chord or de-select when I click on it again. I tried all possible methods.
Secondly when I select the cords (say “G”)on display 1 it should show the value “G” on the main display where the x is(middle block). I fail to make that happen. How do I that?

  • SquareLine Studio version:1.3.4
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • **Target hardware:**To be used on ESP32S- 4.3inch Touch screen Arduino/VGL compatable.

What you want to achieve is a single-select radio button set. This is not supported in LVGL yet.
You can create this in SquareLine Studio by creating an event with MODIFY_STATE/ADD/PRESSED action on the ‘CLICKED trigger’ of all buttons, and you should also create MODIFY_STATE/REMOVE/PRESSED action to ‘release’ all other buttons in each an every button (see the attached zipped example project). Though works in SquareLine itself without any coding (83.8 KB)
, this is is a bit inflexible though.
If you want to avoid setting all these events by hand and need a more sophisticated method, you can do it in the exported LVGL code afterwards, preferably with a for loop in a single common ‘clicked’ event-function added to all buttons (CALL_FUNCTION event). We’re working on a solution for this in SquareLine Studio.

To display the selected label on the other screen you can use a CALL_FUNCTION action on the buttons and set the label in the exported code.