Set Hebrew language in label

What do you want to achieve?

I want yo set Hebrew language in label text.
I saw in lv_conf.h there is a definition of LV_FONT_DEJAVU_16_PERDIAN_HEBREW

But in squerline gui. How can I set that font to label?
I tried ti swarch in fornt section,but couldn’t find


  • **SquareLine Studio version: **


  • **Operating system: **

Windows 11

  • **Target hardware: *

You can create a customized font on the font manager tab, please see tutorial here:

You have to add a font which has Hebrew characters - you would need to write in the range section: 0x0590-0x05FF. Please note that you have to include ASCII standard letters too in the range, which include the general characters too, such as space, comma, etc.

Don’t you have a builtin Hebrew font like I saw in lv_conf? How can I find ttf with Hebrew like in your imags?

That takes 500kb. That will takes all of my storage in ESP

An option is to copy the Hebrew characters you would like to use in your project in the Symbols field. Let us know if it works well.