Set the arc value to 0 with a button

Hi all, I am new to Squareline Studio. I have read the documentation and saw many video before writing this post, but I am not finding the answer to my problem. In short, I would like to reset the value of an Arc object with a button, but I am not able to find the proper event combination. In fact, the action “increment arc” move the actual value of a fixed amount of steps, and this is no what I need. I need that the value, independently by arc position, goes exactly to 0.
How should I do to reach this result?

Ty in advance,

For slider / bar you can do this in SquareLine Studio by assinging a ‘SET PROPERTY’ action with ‘BAR’ or ‘SLIDER’ selected, to the button’s CLICKED or PRESSED trigger, setting 0 as target value. Arc is not there as an option in the list. I’ll report this. You can still create a CALL_FUNCTION action and set the arc to 0 in the assigned function of te exported code with something like lv_arc_set_value(ui_Arc1, 0).

TY, Hermit. I will use the CALL_FUNCTION action, then.

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