Simple code to modify text label area but got error lv_inv_area: detected modifying dirty areas in render (in lv_refr.c line #212)

Can someone help me thanks.

I see a similar (if not the same) question asked at LVGL forum:

The answer seems to make sense, that you might call the lv_ functions from a different threads without mutex-locking/whatever despite LVGL is single-thread oriented.

You want to say that i should use Mutex?

You want to say that i should use Mutex and should run one thread at one time.and then lock mutex ?

Operating system and interrupts — LVGL documentation

It depends on your system, whether there’s a possibility of using the LVGL states (variables) and functions from concurrent threads, causing race-conditions. The main point is LVGL8 is single-thread oriented, and the project should be designed around this limitation, well, using mutex if needed…The LVGL link posted above is the right place if you need more info about this. But then again, this was just a tip, maybe the source of your problem is different.