SLS breaks when a custom font is used

I’ve created a couple of fonts using the integrated font manager. Whenever I assign one of them to any label the screen stops showing any further changes.

The console logs this error:

EVAL FAILED: 'module' object has no attribute 'font_montserrat_72'
EXCEPTION BB SEND Referenced object was deleted!

My font is called ‘montserrat 72’ (it’s a larger version of the builtin font).

As soon as I switch the label’s font back to any built-in font, the screen shows my changes again.

Does it work with a smaller but custom font?

Yes, but with a bit more playing around I have a new observation - custom fonts of any size cause the UI rendering to break if the custom font name includes the word ‘montserrat’.

Without ‘montserrat’ in the name, there is no problem with large fonts.

Interesting, we are investigating it.

I created a custom font with Montserrat which works in v1.3.1, but it does includes additional text in the name. Maybe the bug in only when montserrat is by itself.



Looks like you called your font Montserrant

Remove the N.

I was able to encounter the bug if montserrat (no N) was anywhere in the custom font name. E.g. ‘My Montserrat 56’ or ‘Montserrat 56’ both triggered the bug.

Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed my spelling issue and it still works fine. The bug only occurs if montserrat is lowercase.

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