SquareLine feature requests (lv_i18n, layouts, themes)

Hi there! I’ve been having a play with SquareLine, all in all it looks very nice but I’ve a few questions if you don’t mind. If it’s easier please break them out into separate topics, but I’m guessing the answer for all of them is one of “You didn’t see the button”, “It’s on the roadmap” or “it’s not on the roadmap”.

Is integration with lv_i18n on the cards (or already possible and I’ve missed the option for it)? Basically this would amount to an option to wrap all text with an underscore function in the generated output.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of using the LVGL layouts, Flex & Grid. Is this something you’re planning?

In my existing LVGL code I’ve made my own theme to minimise the amount of repeated style setting, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to add new themes to SquareLine, as far as I can see? Are you planning on making a theme editor as part of SquareLine, or a theme file format so we can e.g. write themes for a project in JSON?

I also got bitten by Project reopen all file lost, but sounds like the situation is under control so no need to add my broken project to the heap.


Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Both are on the roadmap!

We are still not sure about themes, but adding style sheets (like lv_obj_add_style()) is planned with high priority feature.

We will publish v1.0.2 today to fix this critical bug.

Yes, I would also vote for this. My project will start out with one language. Right after release, which is Q2-Q3 this year, I will have to come back and implement multiple language support. Hopefully this feature will be implemented by then.

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Nice—the difference between themes and adding style sheets is pretty slim anyway. Either would work, being able to on/off styles on a widget is probably more flexible than being able to pre-define themes.

Thanks for the reply! Look forward to trying the i18n support :slight_smile:

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Do you have an estimate at this time when lv_i18n might be implemented?

If it is a long way out, is there anyway to use lv_i18n and SDS in the meantime?

We are planning it for v1.2. I will probably released in 2022 Q4.

Until that as workaround you can modify the text of the labels manually after ui_init(). E.g.:

lv_label_set_text(ui_Label1, _("main title"));

Is there an update on the possibility to manage themes in square line?

Using components generally works, but in more complex and flexible project this still could be a challenge. E.g. when you want to change the color scheme, you would need to manually modify the color in all components. Of if you mostly use default widgets, do I really need to create a custom component with customized colors?

Real themes are really not supported now. Probably we can add something like this only in SLS v2 (planned for end of 2023).

+1 on theme and reusable custom widget library support. I am pushing for embedded dev team at my company to implement Squareline Studio. We want to leverage a design system and this will save us considerable time.