Squareline studio just lost all my UI work

Though the project was saved, files located within a GIT repository and committed.
After a whole day of work, the editor froze for a long time. After nearly 30mn, I had to force-quit.
What a surprise when I relaunched it, and realised the project had not been saved to disk ! confirmed later, by the fact no change had been detected by GIT neither.

As I read about the “autosave” feature, I thought it could be a hope. Not at all, every zip file contains the same, old, version of the project.

Stupid autosave mechanism, stupid editor not saving changes with CTRL+S mike any other serious piece of software.

It’s fun to re-invent your own ui-toolkit, file management mechanism, well to make your custom universe. But it does breaks things, sometimes.
And you you still expect people to pay such a high price tag, monthly, for this !?