Squareline studio project to lv_port_linux_frame_buffer

Hi everyone, I have a question that I can’t solve. Hope someone can help me.

I have a project with a board based on an Allwinner V3s processor.

I have lv_port_linux_frame_buffer working correctly with the demos.

But how can I export an example or project from Squareline Studio to work with lv_port_linux_frame_buffer ?

I’ve been trying things out for days and I can’t get it to work.

Best regards
Daniel Pozzatti


You can just create a ui folder next to the lvgl fodler (i.e. project root folder) and Export the UI projects there.

If it’s not working, what error do you face exactly?

Hi kisvegabor, thanks for your reply.

I actually had a problem with my Makefile.

Now I can compile the code correctly.