SquareLine Studio v.1.1.1 crashes on Linux Ubuntu

I installed SquareLine Studio 1.1.1 on Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS
I’m using a Personal licence.
I opened the Medical demo and tried to generate UI files.

The Studio crashes immediately with no warning.

Logfile report the following

Render screen: ui_Medical_Screen
Select : Medical Screen
Caught fatal signal - signo:11 code:1 errno:0 addr:0x3f1a8c9070
Obtained 7 stack frames.
#0  0x007f602bff8520 in __sigaction
#1  0x007f6029e8c9d6 in XDefaultRootWindow
#2  0x007f5f7ec01b98 in getWindowFromPid
#3  0x007f5f7ec01c7b in getUnityWindow
#4  0x007f5f7ec01efd in GTKOpenPanel
#5  0x007f5f7ec01dbb in DialogOpenFolderPanel
#6  0x0000004095a33b in (wrapper managed-to-native) Crosstales.FB.Wrapper.Linux.NativeMethods:DialogOpenFolderPanel (string,string,bool)

Any idea?

Please send the full logs from Troubleshooting | SquareLine Studio

Hello, I can’t upload files being a new user.
You should be able to download logs from this link

Is it a virtual machine?

Hi, no. I’m running Ubuntu 22.04 on a DELL Latitude 7280.

It seems the file selector window is not working in Ubuntu 22.04. We are working on it.