SquareLine Studio v1.1.0 Beta is available!

Hi guys,

First of all sorry for keeping you waiting so long.

Finally SquareLine Studio 1.1.0 Beta is available for Windows and Linux. (macOS will be supported only in the final release). There are several larger changes in SquareLine Studio. The purpose of the Beta release is to get some feedback and fix the issues that come up.

You can download the Beta version at the bottom of the downloads page.

There are two important new features in v1.1:

  1. Component editor: Convert widget groups to components that can be instantiated any number of times. On the instances you can make local changes, such as adding styles, events, or animations.
    See the docs to learn more.

  2. Open Board Platform: Create and add support for any custom boards in SquareLine Studio and export ready to use projects for them. All you need to to is zip-ping a template project, add a JSON descriptor and copy them in the boards folder of SLS.
    See how it works here.

If you find any issues or have any questions please open new topics for them.


Version 1.1.0


  • Fix incorrectly exported blend mode
  • If an image has no alpha channel or all alpha values are 0xFF, generate LV_IMG_CF_TURE_COLOR images. If there is alpha channel export with LV_IMG_CF_TRUE_COLOR_ALPHA format.
  • Make SET_TEXT_VALUE_WHEN_CHECKED area multiline and fix text off
  • Do not allow setting the height of the Text area in one-line mode
  • Fix adding assets on MacOS
  • Improve peroformace
  • Fix export error for drop down list
  • Fix export error for slider increment event
  • Fix image rotation export error.
  • Fix hiding widgets with the eye icon in the hierarchy.
  • Fix issue with sing the lock icon
  • Fix exporting C code on macOS M1
  • Fix exporting the pivot for images
  • Save the test object of animations.

New features

  • Add Open Board Platform
  • Add Components
  • Auto save
  • Add gesture events
  • Add an info popup when revoking the license
  • Add new animation features
  • Add “Check for update at start” checkbox in preferences
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Hi guys from SquareLine,

Thanks for your great job and releasing 1.1.0 Beta. Unfortunately I am on MacOS and still stuck with my project because the export to C code is not working as reposted in another threads. Can you tell when can be the final 1.1.0 version released so I can continue on that project? Thank you.


We are planning the 1.1.0. final release at this month.

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