SquareLine Studio v2

There will be an announcement asap.

After 7 days… ???

As soon as possible. According to my information, in the very near future.

No News BAD News !

One question: am I the only one who is worried that this V2 version no longer has a release date?
Those like me who switched to LVGL V9 will now have to find an alternative.

  • 3rd April “Stay turned” “We’ll reply to you soon”
  • 15th April “There will be an announcement asap”
  • 23rd April “in the very near future.”
  • 13th May… still nothing

I think a more concrete answer would certainly be appreciated, even if it is not the answer we ideally want. Planning around a “soon” is impossible.

If this is many months away, or the scope of what it will deliver has changed, I would personally prefer to know this.

Any more of a concrete update you can provide @Hermit ?

Come on guys, it’s probably quite complicated making the SquareLine Studio software.
I expect they are making sure that it it works correctly before releasing it.
I am happy to wait as long as the developers think necessary until they are happy to release 2.0
I am excited and will be delighted to use it - however, if it’s unstable and buggy that would waste development time, so let’s give them the space to get it done right.

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@farmer_giles worth noting I am not asking for a release to be made in a rush, simply a realistic release date to be provided, to allow planning around this date.

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yep, fair enough :slight_smile:

What I know is that an official announcment will come out soon about the current roadmap of SquareLine Studio v2.