SquareLine Studio v2

I am in the process of evaluating LVGL and SquareLine Studio. There are a number of features that seem to be missing from SquareLine Studio v1 that would be a barrier to adoption.

Whilst running through the tutorials on YouTube I came across this conference presentation:

It introduces the next major version of SquareLine, but the release dates mentioned in the presentation have passed.

Is there an updated release date?
Is there a beta program that can be signed up to? and if so how do you go about that?

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The first beta version of SquareLine Studio v2 is planned to be released at the end of Q1 2024.

Thanks @Hermit

Is there a beta program, or will that be widely available?

If the former, what is the process for taking part?

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It will released and will be public.

Excellent. Thanks!

Squareline Studio V2 will only work on browsers/will separate clients?

It will have online and desktop versions for the major OSes.


Looking forward to compatibility with LVGL v9 which has problems with SLS 1.3.4.

Is there a spec page anywhere that would give more details about what to expect? I am particularly interested to know if there will be:

  • The ability to add logic within the editor, rather than having to do this in code.
  • Better support for underlying LVGL features, again so that you don’t have to edit code to use the LVGL feature.
  • Custom widget support, possibly through an extension API of some sort, so that designers can utilise custom widgets.

In summary, anything that allows design to carry on in the editor. At the moment, as soon as anything advanced is required, it forces you to code, at which point you can’t then go back to SquareLine.

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I have just seen this blog post:

Presumably this impacts upon the above?

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Thanks for your comments, most of these are already in progress or planned in SquareLine Studio.
Regarding your 2nd question, we’ll send out information soon to all registered SquareLine users.

News for V2 release (LVGL V9 compliant) ?

Thanks in advance

As per Raul’s comment, now that we are into Q2, I would be interested in knowing planned release dates so that we can plan in work to evaluate it.

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No response indicates no interest in supporting LVGL V9, this will cause a large influx of developers towards platforms that prove to be much more available, for example EEZ Studio!
Personally, if a working version doesn’t arrive soon I will make different choices!!!


LVGL 9 support is quite in the works, please stay tuned…

@Hermit any news on v2 (which is the topic of this thread)? or has this been pushed back again?

I’ll ask the SquareLine Studio v2 developer staff how it goes, but AFAIK everything is going fine. We’ll reply to you soon regarding its state.

My point here is that we are now in Q2 (i.e. after the date you mentioned above), when I had planned in evaluation work at the beginning of Q2. Appreciate that the release may have slipped, but it would be good to get an updated date so we can re-plan our work.

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Any news ?

Any news for V2 release ?