Static/placeholder labels? keyboard navigation groups?

What do you want to achieve?

It would be great if the SLS had a checkbox for “placeholder” text for label items. The text would show up in the UI editor, but the generated code would not set any text. This could be used for building “dialog boxes”, for example, where you might want to see “sample text goes here” in the UI, but not store that “sample text goes here” in FLASH on the target.

It would be really great if the generated code used “lv_label_set_text_static” instead of “lv_label_set_text” … the static version doesn’t allocate any memory and copy the incoming text, but that’s okay, because it’s going to be a constant anyways. in text or label heavy applications, this could save a lot of RAM.

Is it possible to setup groups in SLS? (can do it in code with ‘lv_group_create()’, and then manually add each widget, but it would be nice if that could be done at design time!)

… and please for the love of all that is holy, make “undo” less surprising!! it seems to step back to some random change that I previously made, and then “redo” doesn’t put back what it just changed…

– pryankster

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Interesting idea, we will discuss it.

True, we can add it easily.

They are really not supported yet. We still need to figure out how to handle kaypad/buttons in SLS, so it’s larger topic.

We also found that it’s that reliable now. We are working on it.

Can you mention an exact case where undo didn’t work correctly?

nearly every time I press it, I’m surprised! I created some widgets, changed a property, pressed undo and the widgets I created disappeared. This happened with various widgets and various properties. I’ll try to keep a closer eye on what I do before hitting ^Z, but I’ve mostly trained myself not to press it at this point!

– pryankster