Stm32f746g porting


I am trying to use lv_port_stm32f746g as a base project for my custom UI project. Thus, I attempted to copy custom UI export files from SquareLine Studio v1.4c to ui projcet and follow the instructions in swquarelines tutorials. The default lv_port_stm32f746g project works fine; I can compile and flash it to the hardware, and everything functions properly. However, when I try to replace the UI files with my own design or any example UI projects, the compilation fails with several errors. I noticed that lv_port_stm32f746g uses lvgl v9, while SquareLine supports up to lvgl v8.. Could anyone advise on how to resolve this issue? Additionally, how can I replace lvgl v9 with lvgl v8. to utilize SquareLine Studio as a UI design tool?

Here is the link to the GitHub repository of lv_port_stm32f746g: GitHub - lvgl/lv_port_stm32f746_disco: LVGL ported to STM32F746G-DISCO using STM32CubeIDE

I have tried the following options, and they all failed:

  1. Adding a new platform using the OBP tutorial:
  2. Exporting a new UI to an existing project as outlined in “Export into an Existing Project | Basics Tutorial #7 | SquareLine Studio.”
  3. Manually replacing lvgl v9 with lvgl v8.3.6 and 8.3.11.

Show error aftr replace 8.3.6, and you require replace and reconfig lv_conf too

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Maybe it’s not that easy to make everything (HAL init, flush, etc.) in main.c work with LVGL-8.3.11 if they’re already updated for LVGL-9. But it seems that STM lvgl-port has a v8-related branch called ‘v8-preview’, probably a better starting point for a SquareLine Studio v1.4 project/board-template if it works on your board: GitHub - lvgl/lv_port_stm32f746_disco at v8-preview

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Thanks for your reply. I solved the fiirst issue using v8-preview version. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help. I successfully implemented the project based on your recommendation, using the v8-preview version, and then I upgraded it to version 8.3.11. The lvgl_demo sample works properly, but when I try the ebike-demo example, during project compilation, I receive an error related to FLASH overflow. “ebike_demo.elf section .rodata' will not fit in region FLASH’” is the exact error message I receive. Do you have any idea how I can fix this as well?

I think it is to be taken literally, that there’s a lot of data in that demo (images) that doesn’t fit into the flash of your device. Maybe reconfiguration/repartitioning can help. You may try using the new file ‘assets’ feature present in SquareLine Studio 1.4…