Student License

What do you want to achieve?

I think it would be a great idea to add a student license option and make it verifiable with a school.


Please take a look at the different licensing model being discussed here:

A free personal version seems suitable for students too What do you think?


I am wondering if you can think about an Educational, Student or Only-Hobbyist license plan with one-time fee and without limitations in number of widgets and screens. Of course for not professional developers at all.

I think there is a big gap between the Personal and the two Business plans.
In addition students and ham radio hobbyist, like me, may need more than 5 screens and 50 widgets for “non profit” projects.
A free personal version for students (with no limitations) could be added next to a Hobbyist license (with no limitations) of course for no-profit projects - In the last case maybe 49$ or 99$ should be a good compromise.

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Enzo Stefanazzi


The Small business license costs 19 USD/per month and there are limitation on the widget count. IMO it’s a reasonable price even for hobbyists. E.g. it’s the price of ~2 micro controller.

What do you think?


19$ per 12 months are 228$ per year, only for one year. I would like a 200$ lifetime not professional license instead. That’s because nor students nor hobbyist are involved on the same project or in the same technology for 12 months/year.
I work in a university and if I ask 100 students if they know Embracadero Rad Studio maybe 20 of them will answer “yes”, and if I ask them who would like to buy a license, maybe only one or two of them will answer “yes”.
If I ask if they know MS-Visual Studio, 90% of them will answer they already use it.
What I see in LVGL library is a game changer for the whole IOT world but it is up to you finding your target user, or in other words deciding for great popularity or great professionality. Sometimes the two aspects can go together.
Anyway thank you very much for having highly regard LVGL users.

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We are very open to provide custom licenses for universities at a custom price (i.e. with a great discount).

However these licenses should be controlled by the university. If we created a super cheap yet full featured student license suddenly everyone became a student. :slightly_smiling_face: