Style field is not available

What do you want to achieve?

Change the style of the screen and my buttons.
“ScreenA” and all buttons have no style option (see screenshot below).
“ScreenH” has no style option, but I can change the style of the button.

What have you tried so far?

Saved the project as a new one, deleted everything not needed.

Screenshot or video



  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.2.1
  • Operating system: Win 10

This is my project as ZIP file. (265.9 KB)

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+1 on this issue. I experience this as well - unable to style buttons in my specific project - STYLE(MAIN) is empty. If I create a new project, I am able to style.

Have you also created some screens, linked them, deleted them again? I did this a few times before I had that problem.

I am experiencing this as well and look very much forward to a fix.
should I try reinstalling. i am trying to actively develop.

I haven’t deleted any but have indeed made multiple screens. Also, just tried creating a new button on a screen that has this issue with two existing buttons and the new button has style selections available. I can delete the button and re-create it and this solves the problem, but that’s not ideal, given that I have to recreate all the events, actions, and other properties that have been set.

Also as an update, while I can recreate a new button and set the styles in it - once I save and reopen the project, I can no longer save the styles again - even though the ones I set are still in there (confirmed via operation and looking at the raw json in the project file).

I went back to 1.2.0 and the functionality seems to be working again.
I am new to squareline and notice that 1.2.1 never actually associated any license but 1.2.0 did. I have no idea of root cause here.

i seem to have lost some in program scrolling of the main menu ability so no idea on implications of newer project loading into older.
edit: ah i guess horizontal scroll is a known 1.2.0 bug “Cannot scroll through screens. No horizontal scroll bar”

+1 Finding the same here, I started the project in 1.2.0 with 3 screens, upgraded and added more screens, noticing that my styles are gone and not visible, not settable, etc… I have had to delete the controls and re-add them with the Actions, etc… That seems to fix it for now.

This also happens to me on all the new screens I created today. I tried to downgrade, but 1.2.0 prompts that my project was created in a newer version. My project was originally created in 1.0.X, only the new screens from today were created in v1.2.1. I open it anyway and most of my screens are broken, most assets missing. And for reference, I currently have 36 screens and 636 widgets.

After installing v1.2.1 again, my project is okay. However I cannot change the styles on the new screens that were created in v.1.2.1. All my styles still work on older screens.

I can delete a label and readd it, to alter the style. If I save the project, close SDS, then reopen it, the style is broken again.

This is a critical bug that needs to be patched. I have no way to downgrade now to fix my styles. You cannot expect me to delete everything, readd it, and change all settings again. This was an entire day of work. Please address this ASAP. I see this bug is at least 10 days old now.

To clarify, this happens to any widgets that are added to my project. If I save my project, close and reopen SDS, the style is completely broken.

The only way to prevent this, is to set add a widget and modify something in the style. Style functionally is retained on the widget after reopening SDS.

I have over 20 widgets broken from this bug. Here is a switch for an example:


Hello, New to SquareLine. But Im running into the same problem. Please Help…

I have experienced the style loss as well.

I tride to do the same, opened the project in 1.2.0 and everything was messed up so I still cannot see the styles in 1.2.1



This one is a Drop Down widget and as you can see the Style (Indicator) is missing. Also, it does not update the value to the selected list item. No matter what I select it still shows the same base text that is set.

Yes, this is exactly my point. It is one thing if we could just downgrade to work around this bug. However, we cannot downgrade making this a very intrusive bug. One person was able to downgrade, but he must not have saved his work in 1.2.1, or just got lucky his project was not corrupt in 1.2.0

There are only two ways to currently fix this:

  • Delete the widget and recreate it
  • Alter the style outside of SDS

I ended up staying up late that day to recreate the widgets which needed altered styles. This needed to be correct given the field my product is in due to strict validation guidelines.

Like I stated, this isn’t some simple bug that can be left alone for months. Obviously a number of people have encountered this already.


I have experienced this same problem. My way around was to delete the screen and start again. Not so bad if you are just developing a simple screen but very annoying if its a complex one

Uncertain if this is a consistent way to remedy the issue, but when I recently experienced this I simply removed the offending object - I think in my case it was a simple switch. Once I removed it and added a new one, the STYLES area options became visible again.

Given the number of days from OP’s post, and the number of users that have encounter this issue, can we please get a comment from SDS when we can expect this to be addressed?


i maintain having both 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 installed.
i loaded my project in 1.2.0 saved it (without changing anything else) and then loaded it back in 1.2.1 with all the new functionality working again.
but as stated i am new to this program and i posted that perhaps it would break things and that i do not know the root cause.
so i myself wont try again without making a copy. I have fortunately have not experienced the problem that is documented on this topic yet again.

I too am surprised with such a serious issue that on my return to the site there isnt a new version and such.
my project is also quite simple in number of screens and features.