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TABLE widget…
Are there any plans for a very basic TABLE widget? Most “nocode” style builders / drag and drop GUI builders utilize both for good reason. If not, are there other easy ways to handle this right within SLS? For example when logging and displaying data which is an extremely common use case. We have a graph asset but usually that data is often accompanied by a table display option as well. (I do understand that it can be handled manually in code). SLS has been an amazing utility for someone like myself by providing a fairly intuitive tool do something that normally couldn’t. But, from a novice users point of view there needs to be more emphasis and less reluctance on the addition of widgets. In fact, If I can recall correctly there’s been a reduction with the ONLY new asset being a Tabview widget. we where told numerous times following the beta that more widgets would becoming however they required “special handling”. Widgets speed up development workflow, drives up user retention, increases project completion and thus equates to increased license upgrades. I often find the same widgets which I am looking for repeatedly being requested in the past and often with similar responses…SLS wont support them, they aren’t on the sort term roadmap, try using the current widgets, maybe following the release of v2, cant be done do to the complexity of the widget, or the good old “add them manually calling ui_init()”. Table widget, Line and yes even the Meter widget should really be included and across all licenses. Meter and line are literally in the original promotion material (material that’s still used today, including the SLS landing page) and whenever I recommend SLS, I get asked about the “gauge” widget nearly every time. In fact, there’s countless requests and questions about it on this very forum along with lists and table view. Yes it can be created with a rotating image but at the annual rate of a com license one should be able to accomplish most aspects of a design easily within the environment as long as is its comprised of elements listed within the LVGL catalogue.this is especial true with the cost of a commercial license. Please kindly consider adding a Table widget (maybe others). If anyone can assist me in handling a table WITHIN SLS please inform me as to how, it would be greatly appreciated.

Mention some use cases

Data Loggers
Product / price lists
Anything requiring the Display and Listing of Static or Dynamic Data in an organized and comprehensive fashion for quick and easy reference and comparison.


Thank you for the feedback. We think over how the mentioned widgets could be implemented in the simplest way. As a workaround you can add a custom widget in LVGL afterwards from a CALL_FUNCTION that is added for a SCREEN_LOADED event, or create a panel with the required size and replace that directly afterwards in your LVGL code.

Second this. A table widget would be very useful!

Third this. Would be very helpful for a data acquisition tool I’m working on