Tabpage change triggered by event

I Would like to change Tabpages display by clicking a button and Hiding the default TabView buttons.
This allow me to create a vertical tabview.

However it seems there is no such option in the event management

You can create a vertically oriented TabView widget by adjusting its Tabview/Tab position setting to ‘LEFT’ (or ‘RIGHT’) instead of the default ‘TOP’ (or ‘BOTTOM’). This results in something like lv_tabview_create(ui_Screen1,LV_DIR_LEFT,size) for LVGL-8.3 in the exported code, buttons will be shown on left/right and the whole widget will behave vetically (needing vertical sweeps to switch pages, scrolling vertically).

You can define events in many ways in SquareLine studio. If you really want to solve it by hiding the tabview buttons, you can do it in the exported code by something like: lv_obj_add_flag( lv_tabview_get_tab_btns(ui_TabView1), LV_OBJ_FLAG_HIDDEN );
If you’d like to place it on an event of a button, define an event for it with ‘CLICKED’ trigger and a CALL_FUNCTION action where you call your custom function to set/reset that hidden flag.
(But that won’t change the orientation, and in LVGL8 there’s no function to change the orientation afterwards, so it’s better using SquareLine studio built-in setting described above in this post.)

Hi Hermit,
thank for your reply.
I will implement that in code, just because I need a custom tab style (images). I’ll set a custom event function then; in the code I’ll need to activate the correct tabpage.