TabView animation when a tab button is clicked. How to disable in SLS v1.3.3?

How to disable the scroll animations for TabView, especially when a tab button is clicked? I use LVGL v8.3.6.

You cannot disable the TabView page-switching animation from whithin SquareLine Studio as of v1.3.3, it’s a built-in feature in the included LVGL v8.3.6, enabled by default.

You might need to disable the animation afterwards in the exported code, or turn it off for the specific tab-change (lv_tabview_set_act(tabview, id, LV_ANIM_OFF) ), for further info you can look at LVGL forum and documentation, for example:
How to disable the scroll animations of TableView - How-to - LVGL Forum
Scroll on focus without animation · Issue #2342 · lvgl/lvgl · GitHub
Scroll — LVGL documentation

In LVGL-8.3.10 TabView’s behaviour was modified (see docs/ to exactly fit your request, the animation is turned off for simple clicking on the tabview selector buttons:

You have the option to overwrite the LVGL-8.3.6 folder with LVGL-8.3.10 to get this behaviour as a default behaviour in your code.