TabView styles, how to change the active page button style

What do you want to achieve?

Change the Style of the active button of the TabView Widget.

What have you tried so far?

I believe the Style(Buttons Main) is for changing the look of the active button. Style(Buttons Items) changes the llok of the buttons that are not selected. However, when Style(Buttons Main) is changed, the Buttons Background and Textcolour stays the same. The Bar also stays blue.

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    Windows 10
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I found it in the lvgl doc:
There are no special parts on the Tab view but the lv_obj and lv_btnnmatrix widgets are used to create the Tab view.
So Tabvie is made out of two components, na obj and btnmatrix.
Under the btnmatrix doc u can find out how the styling works.
Buttons Main styles the whole Matrix Canvas
Button Items styles the Button elements.
When tabs are selected, the buttons are in the checked state, and can be styled using LV_STATE_CHECKED .