TextArea widgets are offseted

Hello. In real display TextArea widgets are offseted, but the labels and buttons are placed on the screen normally.

Ver 1.4.0
Arduino IDE 2.3.2

This is due to the difference between LVGL8.3.6 and LVGL8.3.11 in lv_textarea_set_align() function that SquareLine Studio v1 uses internally (micropython-server) to set the textarea-s alignment, which is misleading, the C code is exported correctly (using lv_obj_set_align() ). (Originally lv_textarea_set_align() modified the text-area’s alignment in LVGL, now it modifies the alignment of textarea’s label.)
In the next release (coming very soon) this will be corrected, and text-area alignment between the one seen in editor and the exported will match with LVGL8.3.11 too. Until that you can use LVGL8.3.6 correctly.

OK, can I manually offsetting object?
In ui_ScreenXXX.c
lv_obj_set_x(ui_TextAreaKey, -20);
lv_obj_set_y(ui_TextAreaKey, -80);

Yes, you can set the coordinates for the textarea in the inspector panel, no need to do it in the exported code. For that you can set the alignment in the SquareLine Studio Inspector panel to TOP_LEFT, not CENTER, and in that case the export and the preview seen in the editor will match. (This is the best solution if you want to use LVGL 8.3.11.)

I had the same thing. Simply change the TextArea Widgets → Center to Top left.
2024-05-04 210935
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It is works. Thank you, Hermit and Nobbyhexer.