TFT didn't render as it appeared in SLS

Hello @kisvegabor
I’m using slider widget to show signal strength. I used 2 triangular images for this.
SLS shows it fine, but display doesn’t.
Have a look at the attached image.

Keshav Aggarwal

Can you share the images?

Have you in lvconf enabled full rendering ?


#define LV_COLOR_SCREEN_TRANSP is set to 0.

I tried another image, it worked. Kindly find the attached previous image that didn’t work. (I did recolor the image in SLS)

In GIMP I’ve checked the image ans it has indexed color format.

Converting it to RGB probably will solve the issue.

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Ok, Thanks.
Well, SLS should also have shown the same wrong image as appeared in TFT. It creates a bit of confusion.

Well, SLS and LVGL uses different methods for PNG image decoding. That’s why the inconsistency. :frowning:
At least SLS could really show warning if an image has a non typical color mode.