The basic SBC setup

I’m looking to design a HMI powered by a single board computer with linux and square line. Having bumped into Ubuntu Core as a non desktop/IoT platform I’m wondering if I went in at the wrong end of things.

Essentially I need the minimum of linux to run a HMI program generated in squareline and any other non user/graphical code.

According to our experience SquareLine’s exported LVGL-code can be built fine on single board computer systems, but in case of Ubuntu Core there’s no GUI by default. Maybe you can use SDL2 on that board…

Well I looked at core and yes it is quite minimal, so I am looking at ubuntu server instead. What I am wondering about is the setup required for the exported project to work on the SBC. Where do I start with learning the skills for linux, what is required.

SDL seems a bit advanced.