Trouble with edit Tabview

What do you want to achieve?

When edit add new objects and before select actual parent for example Tab in tabview, Squareline need add object as child and too on every change dont jump back to main tab (first)

What have you tried so far?

I mean i report this som months before still in 1.3.4

example add

exampe edit background on tab2 switch view to tab1

Could you rephrase what you want to achieve, or give the link to the past report you mention?

Hmm try work with tabview and will see.

But simple i add to screen tabview1, then add 3 tabs in it.
I select TabPage2 and click add label, but label is added on screen. Ok i drag it into TabPage2, but isnt showed instead i see TabPage1. Ok i click Page2 and i see, then i change color and what i see?

Try puzzle out.

Thank you for reporting this issue, we’ll take action.