Troubleshooting Blank Screen Issue with SquareLine Studio Demo on ESP32-3248S035C

Hello Everyone,

I am currently working with the “Smart_Gadget” demo program from SquareLine Studio version 1.3.4, using the ESP32-3248S035C board. Despite successfully loading the program, the ESP32-3248S035C’s screen remains blank.

I have attempted to address the issue using both Arduino IDE 1.8.19 and Arduino IDE 2.2.1, but unfortunately, the result remains the same - successful loading but a blank screen on my ESP32-3248S035C.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue and successfully resolved it? Your guidance and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

SquareLine Studio doesn’t seem to support your board out-of-the box, i.e. there’s no official board-template file for it that configures everything for you . It’s hard to tell the source of blank screen without seeing the board and the source-code and settings, but it must be related to the display driver settings. There are some finds here at the forum about Sunton boards, IIRC there are even successful board-templates, not sure if it fits your board. Maybe you should try LVGL and Espressif forum too for the support of this board, or example/demo sources that surely work like this one: esp32-3248s035c · GitHub Topics · GitHub. Then compare the display-driver settings and maybe you find the difference to your project… I would consider using ESP-IDF for ESP stuff instead of Arduino IDE if you’d like to have more control over your board.