Trying to use images or unicode character as tab labels

What do you want to achieve?

Using either an image, or a unicode string as tab title.

What have you tried so far?

Setting the character to 0x2302 (⌂) as the tab title, and set the font toa font where I included this specific character. A square is displayed.

Screenshot or video



I could reproduce the problem, but it must be that this character with codepoint 0x2302 doesn’t exist in your .ttf character set. (Its UTF-8 value is E2 8C 82 according to Convert Code Points to UTF8 – Online UTF8 Tools with hexadecimal input setting). I tried with a 104kB Consolas.ttf fontset, and that one missed it too, when opened in the program FontForge had empty place for this ‘house’ character. But the 358kB CONSOLA.ttf included it and it appeared fine with that fontset. The only problem was that the range needed to be limited to ‘0x2000-0x2302’ or so in SquareLine Studio before conversion to C array, probably because it’s a huge and complete fontset for that purpose. I think you should have a small fontset with only these special characters and use that for graphic buttons, like built-in LVGL symbols.

Hi, thanks again for your time on investigations.

I understand that it’s not a technical malfunction but the interface does not help realise what we intend to do, I may say.
In my specific intention, I wanted to switch to icon as tab titles. We should be able to set images, or Unicode characters.

If course, unicode full fonts would be really too heavy to include in the char arrays as a whole. We cannot manually tell the unicode identifiers we use, one by one, it’s not easy.


  • Using a font should offer the option to include only characters mentioned in any text field on the interface, in the char array (this would lead to index addressing problmes, that’s another story)
  • We should be able to choose to inclue “know ranges” of identifiers, in case we want to use the font dynamically at runtime
  • Maybe, displaying all characters from the font could help to choose what we need to include.

At that time, I’ll not be able to use a tabset for my usage and will ave to implement the logic manually :frowning: