Turn off animation of button on press by touch pannel

I am using Squareline studio to make gui for esp32. The animation on button press slows. I need to remove it. Cant find flag to do so.

Not exported animation object is long time bug in squareline. Infinite animation cant be manipukated , when generated in SQS. I handle it generate in SQS then copy generated code into main user code and remove in SQS. My exported object then enable any other steps for my code.

I cant understant what you say, Please give me example. The animation on button press is slowing the system.

Maybe i missunderstand your Q. I write about animation add in animation panel, not about system state changing styles. Show your button. For turn off remove styles…
But when this simple think slow down your system, then i mean your MCU choice as bad, or other mistake in code.

Animation for the button is built into LVGL default ‘Light’/‘Dark’ theme and you can’t turn it off from SquareLine Studio. You need to select ‘Simplified’ theme when you create your project and set the style of the button’s pressed state manually.