Unable to import images

Hello, I’m using SquareLine and I’m having a problem that I can’t import .jpg files into it, I can only import .png files, but after importing .png files, I can’t preview and adjust them properly in the preview screen. I have been testing from version 1.2.0 to the latest version 1.2.3, but I still can’t solve this problem. Please help me, the version of computer I am using is Win11 Professional, 22H2, 22621.1555. Here is my email: 360736829@qq.com, I can record the whole operation and send it to you via email for analysis. Thank you very much!

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Only PNG images are supported now. Please convert your JPG images to PNG with any image converter tool in order to use them in SquareLine Studio.

I’ve tried using the .png format and it imports properly into the file manager that comes with the software, but I can’t see it in the workspace.

You can only use ASCII characters in the file name and the file path.

Thank you so much!