Unable to load project after upgrade to 1.3.3

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I upgrade to 1.3.3 from 1.3.2 then I am unable to open the project I am working on. Other example projects loads. I am on windows

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I think we saw this too, but for us it was caused by deleting components while editing the project something is not handled correctly. If you see a bunch of question-mark components in the project hierarchy, those might be what is preventing the rest of the project from loading. On advice from Mish, we would copy the SLS project to a new folder, open it, and remove any question-marked components, save and reopen.

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thanks for you quick reply, Yes I was creating a new components before upgrade to 1.3.3. I ended up copy the spj file from the backup folder in the broken project to a very old copy of this project(keep the old copy ssl, py file…), and it loads. Thanks again