Undo undoes too much

When I press ctrl+z to undo the last operation I did, it reverts a lot more steps then just the last operation.

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    Windows 10
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Thanks for reporting this issue.

I have tested it and it looked good. How can I reproduce it?

I am currently having the same issue on version 1.2.3. Here is a little more detail of what I’ve seen:

It appears that the History will randomly stop recording changes. If I have the History panel open, I can see that it records every change I make, including something as simple as selecting a widget. But sometimes while I am working in my project it will just suddenly stop recording any new changes I make for extended periods of time. The next time I hit Undo, it reverts the entire project back to the state it was in during the last saved historical event, and then hitting Redo does nothing because there are no future events saved.

I haven’t been able to see a consistent pattern or trigger that causes it to stop saving the history. Sometimes it can run for over an hour with dozens of changes without failing, and other times it will stop recording changes within a few minutes of opening my project after making fewer than 10 changes. There was even one time where it appeared to have stopped recording historical events for about 30 minutes, then it suddenly started recording new events again.

If I have saved the project recently when I inadvertently undo much more than I hoped, I can usually close the project without saving, and it will load with everything from my last save, but it is still annoying especially since hitting CTRL+Z is such a natural response that I often find myself doing it without thinking about it.

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Exactly the same is happening to me.

I think the issue starts after a first undo. Then the Squareline Studio stops recording changes and every additional Ctrl+Z just undoes one original step more, essentially forgetting every change between the first undo and the next one.

Version: 1.3.2