Uninstall and reset trial period?

What do you want to achieve?

I downloaded SLS 4 days ago. I have played with it for a few hours. I have a DIY project I am working on. It uses a STM32 part and has 3 pages with 10 widgets. I spent a lot of time using TouchGFX for STM32 and like how easy it is to use. However, they do not have a project board that matches my LCD and CPU. As an interim resolution i am using a Nextion display. Nobody comes close to their UI for features and usability. I’m not sure SLS can duplicate the functions of TouchGFX or Nextion software. If it can, I have been unable to figure out how to do so.

What have you tried so far?

I would like to see a couple of videos showing how to use SLS with any STM32 CPU, or any generic CPU. I watched the Tesla video but there are no buttons with that example. As an example video, show 2 screens with a button on each screen. Clicking button on screen 1 will take you to screen 2 and generate a C function that can be used in STM32 code. Clicking button on screen 2 will take you back to screen 1 and also generate a C function. The video should also show how to call the code from STM32 that will start up screen 1 on power up.
Finally, I need to work on my hardware for a couple of weeks before worrying about the UI for the touch screen. I have 26 days left for the trial period. If I un-install SLS and re-install it next month, will it still have 26 days left? If not, it is not a big deal as I only plan to use the free Personal version for my project.

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I suggest taking a look at these material:

(We are continuously adding new tutorial videos)

Nope, trial starts when you start SLS the first time on a given machine. That timestmap is stored on our server.

Thank you. I watched the videos and they are informative. I skimmed through the typical development workflow but haven’t yet duplicated it.

I do have one question. You mention in the future that you will be adding board examples. Do you have any idea of which CPU families these boards will be based on?

Let us know if you get any question.

The first candidates are NXP, STM and ESP boards.