USB HID mouse in lvgl arduino

Hi , sorry for off forum query, but i have working project in VSCode arduino framework with Squareline. My hw require connect HID USB mouse , but this i can do only in IDF. Howto join it together.? ESP32 S3

You should be able to use mouse HID with Arduino as well. Look here.

Ahoy. Your example is oposite act as mouse dev. I need connect real mouse act as host.

I see, I though that you want simulate mouse with ESP32. I would try other examples, maybe you will find out the right one.

SOLVED i use in loop light sleep and this break USB host communication… Without seems work ok.

Can you pls share your code? I’m also interested in this functionality. Thanks

Complete no , but i use code without change esp-idf/examples/peripherals/usb/host/hid at master · espressif/esp-idf (
files copied into src and include in platformio project
and run it in setup over xtaskcreate