V1.0.1 is released


We have just released SquareLine Studio v1.0.1 with some bugfixes.

We also updated the Licensing plans based on your feedback. Now there is

  • a free personal plan with max 5 screens and 50 widgets.
  • a small business plan for companies with < 150k USD annual revenue + founding

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! :slight_smile:


10 minutes after the release a strange issue came to light.

If you save the project from the close confirmation pop up the project descriptor file is messed up. So instead of this popup:


Or Ctrl + S.

We will push a fix in a few days.

Thank you for the investigation for @vladi, @maoluppi and @xzp in this topic.

This popup window show up even when you have no changes in your project.

My workflow normaly is CTRL+S and close button, so in this use case, this dialog window is uselles.

Would be possibble to check if there are any changes from last time, when project was saved and show dialog window or buttons accordingly?

True, we are also aware of it. The problem is that it’s a little bit tricky to check if there were changes in a reliable way. Anyway, I agree it’s annoying and we are thinking about it.

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