V1.0.3 is released


We have just published v1.0.3 wit the following changes:

  • Performance optimization (use less GPU)
  • Line wrap on all images in ui_images.py
  • Fix rare crash when moving widgets in the hierarchy
  • Fix the exporting of the CLICKABLE flag on bar widget

We are close to finish v1.0.4 too. It will include MacOS and Lifetime license support.

I am not sure if you are intending feedback in an announcement. In regards to the Windows installer:

  1. Why are you compressing an exe installer? exe files do compression adequately as is. For example, v1.0.3 zip file vs the exe only saves 0.5%. Most app installs for Windows are distributed in exe or msi format, not zipped.

  2. Can you include the version number in the filename? For example, something like SquareLine_Studio_Setup_v1.0.3.exe. This will help in the event we want to save old installers in case of rollback.

I look forward to the Lifetime license support and announcement. Thanks for your hard work.

I too didn’t understand the reason for the zip file, however between updates I found myself having to copy the custom codeformat_c.cfg file and then re-paste it again to avoid losing my style configuration. A better code beautifier than AStyle is uncrustify, whose development is still active and has much more functionality.


I downloaded it last night and installed on my Windows 10 PC. I noted every time I tried to resize it the program closed down, is there something I am doing wrong? This is the first time am using this program, should I try an earlier version? I am using the trial version.



We zip the exe to avoid anti-virus and firewall issues.

Good idea, we will do that!

We weren’t planning to support using custom code format files. If there will be more requests on it, we will consider supporting it.

By “resize” do you mean resizing the window? Anyway, please attach the Player.log and Player-prev.log logs from

Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Game-Ever Bt_\SquareLine_Studio

Yes, I mean re-sizing the program window.


What about a chart widget? The code is not generated for it in ui.c. The screen draw order is important, but users do not have any options to keep it’s own code in ui.c.

Please send logs as I mentioned here.

True, we will fix in v1.0.4.


I tried out version 1.04 and closes when try to resize the window, this also happened with version 1.03 but not with version 1.02. I will go back to 1.02 for the time being. Found attached zipped up player files.

Player.zip (7.0 KB)

According to the log you have a very old GPU driver. Can you update it?

Please attach this crash log too:
C:/Users/HERBER~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Game-Ever Bt_/SquareLine_Studio/Crashes

We have any idea about what could be the problem. Please unzip this bat file and copy it next to SquareLine_Studio.exe and run the bat file. It will start SLS in a special mode.
SquareLine_Studio_gl.zip (183 Bytes)


Thanks for your response, I ran the bat file you supplied and it worked without a problem, tried it with v1.04. I will update the GPU driver.




Find the crash data you requested.

Crash_2022-03-13_141846306.zip (104.9 KB)

Thank you!

The problem is that the Vulkan API is not supported by your GPU. The bat file forces SquareLine to use OpenGL. We will address this in the next release.