V1.1.1. is out!


I’m happy to let you know that v1.1.1 is released with these fixes and new features:


  • Many fixes for Undo
  • Fix memory leak
  • Fix renaming the children of components
  • Fix moving widgets with large zoom
  • Fix Calendar’s C export

New features​

  • LVGL version selector
  • In Preference you you can configure the length of the History
  • You can run more SLS instances simultaneously
  • Automatically the Screen name in the default name of the new widgets
  • In Project settings you can configure how to export ui_event file: ui_event.c, ui_event.cpp or none

Due to some technical issues we couldn’t release the Mac version yet. I hope it will be ready next week too.


The MacOS version is out too! :slightly_smiling_face: