V1.2.0 bugs & missing things

Hi! Thanks for this software, it is really great after being used to code UIs via code. I just found few glitches:

  1. Arrow up key gets stuck sometimes. I think this is because Unity (there is reports of this, and no, it is not physical on my keyboard, no other app does it): if you select something the cursor goes up fast

  2. Missing EVENTS, i.e. the combobox, scrollbar value changed

  3. Removing scroll momentum and elastic scroll flags on combobox dont do anything.

  4. Adding assets is broken (tried copying the files, and using the Add button, but nothing works)

  5. Please add template for Arduino SC01 Plus: SC01_Plus_HMI_example/SC01_plus_custom.slb at main · FCam1/SC01_Plus_HMI_example · GitHub (the min and max sizes are wrong here, but it is a good start)

  6. Editor really needs multiselection, copy and paste and grid/snap system

  7. Add possibility to set the first screen via UI

We haven’t seen this issue so far. Do you have any idea how to reproduce it.

Do you mean a SCROLLED event? LVGL has it but it’s not exposed in SLS at this moment.

In the editor you can’t select the “list” of the drop-down widget now to adjust the flags. If you select the “button” of the drop-down you can adjust only its flags.

You can achieve what you need from code. Add this after ui_init();:

lv_obj_t * list = lv_dropdown_get_list(ui_dropdown_1);
lv_obj_clear_flag(list, LV_FLAG_SCROLL_MOMENTUM);

Which OS do you use? Note that only PNG images are supported now.

Who is the manufacturer of this board? Is it an official Espressif board?

These are on the roadmap.

What was the use case when this feature was needed?
(You can load any screen you want after ui_init(); with lv_scr_load(ui_screen_1))

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Happens on Surface Pro 7/Win 11, maybe is because the touchscreen? I will research more. Not on my desktop.

Yes, but imagine you create 2 screens in the editor, how do you set the second one to start? I know in code, but why there is a little house on top of the selected screen?


Maybe that house can have a checkbox to signal this is the start


Actually it makes sense. We are thinking about it.