V1.2.3 is released!

Hi guys,

We have just released v1.2.3!

New features

  • Use multiple cores during exporting
  • Add popup if some information are missing in the font converter
  • Color style properties can be set with a single hex number
  • Update the colors real time while the colors are adjusted in the color picker
  • Add popup in case of the portable license if you are logged in from another computer too
  • Enable the build in montserrat fonts automatically if needed


  • Fix the project not loading due to issues with the images
  • Fix exporting the images in the correct color depth in MicroPython
  • Do not export the images deleted from the assets folder
  • Fix mixing the order of screen during loading the projects
  • Update the color if the hex value has been changed in the color picker
  • Fix the size of the color picker on Linux

You can get the new version from the usual Download page.

If you find any issue, please open a new topic here.

Happy SquareLine-ing! :slight_smile:

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Perfecto but
Still cant use project settings in file menu.
If i setup custom LCD size here is overwrited , and too still cant change theme usw.

FYI i have started project i 1.1 and 8.2.0 , manualy edit project files for display 240x240 . In new version i need change to 8.3.4 , but display is reset.
Then i repeat manual edit …

It seems working on our side. Could you send a video about what you are exactly doing?

Try change display size . Impossible and on open this is changed to board defaults

I similarly tried editing the Display size using the User Interface in the past, and by directly editing project files and board definitions. It would be nice if this worked better (some bit of the UI allow editting resolution, but not all, and not always respected). I think it varied depending if ESP board or arduino_tft or micropython (I dont use pc SDL), but I could switch between c and micropython by editing project.
Maybe the only way is to define a new board, but would be nice if you can use an existing definition and just update the display size / colour depth / rotation etc for your own needs.

@Marian_M The minimum and maximum display size is declared in the board file.
If you use the default desktop board, you can set the screen size between 64x64 to 2048x2048.

Or you can make a custom board for your project, just make a copy from this board from user/Documents/SquareLine/boards, set a custom group and title, and set the screen parameters in the .slb board file.
Its a simple text file, the tool detects the board type from title, so it has to be unique.

“version”: “1.0.0”,
“group”: “My custom”,
“title”: “My ESP WROVER KIT”,
“width”: 240,
“height”: 240,
“width_min”: 100,
“height_min”: 100,
“width_max”: 800,
“height_max”: 800,

Hi Marton,
thanks for info , but i dont ask how, i ask why GUI not enable custom display on any board.

And too i test set rotate 0 and 90, and exported code is identical for any lcd size