V1.3.0 is released!

Hi guys,

We have just released v1.3.0!

New features

  • Option to set the default ALIGN in Project preferences
  • Organize the exported code into folders
  • Allow creating multi-language UIs
  • Show the current cursor position on the header
  • Export CMakeFile.txt, mk and a general filelist for easier integration
  • Option to send crash logs
  • Add LVGL 8.3.6
  • Add lv_indev_wait_release to gesture events
  • Saving the chart series data into components


  • Fix error with chart export
  • Fix color picker on Linux

You can get the new version from the usual Download page.

If you find any issue, please open a new topic here.

Happy SquareLine-ing! :slight_smile:

OK , but this must be based on project settings. Add checkbox to turn it off-on !

What is the advantage of the “everything is in one folder” structure?

Is user prefs, but if you ask ECO is less folders less clicks to open = touch button lives longer.

Its more annoying now arduino ide cant compile without changes. Before I could just export and replace, but now its so annoying I dont know if its a bug but I have to edit “components/ui_comp_hook.c” because it got #include “ui.h” instead of “…/ui.h”.
Not only that but it i rather keep using squareline 1.2.X because also sketch size incremented from 2.7mb to 3.8mb, this is very important

I don’t know if it was a Mac issue, but now the “ui_comp_hook.c” file got updated properly. It like the first times I exported it just moved old file to new folder. Don’t know if this bug will be replicable.
The biggest drawback I see now is that sketch size incremented 1 mb more

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Happy to hear that the include is resolved. Please let us know if you see it again.

The sketch size shouldn’t be larger. Could you send your project to forum@squareline.io so that we can examine it.

Thanks for adding rudimentary lv18n support! Hopefully I can start toying with it soon

I was dissapointed not to see any sort of multilanguage support mentioned in the update notes after our conversation on this topic: Multilanguage support and menu navigation(Forward and backward menu navigation) using tool - #6 by kisvegabor

However it seems that this function did get added in this update as per the new toggle on project creation:

Ouch, we really missed it from the change log. I’ve just added it :slight_smile:

Let me know how it works on your end.