V1.3.3 is released!

Hi guys,

I am pleased to inform everyone that SquareLine Studio version 1.3.3 has is now available for download. Major changes in this release are:

  • M1/M2 MacOS CPU support
    We have added support for Macs with the newer M1 / M2 chips, an issue that was previously only solved by Rosetta.
  • Increase in the Personal License limitations:
    From now a maximum of 10 screens (previously 5) and a maximum of 150 widgets (previously 50) are included with this license to better serve the needs of the maker community.
  • Performance improvements:
    We have optimized the project and component files, resulting in significantly smaller file sizes.
  • We are introducing a new Screen panel, separating the screens and hierarchy elements in two different panels.

In the past month, our company went through some major positive changes. We have received an investment, the team has expanded, and the company has been restructured, all in the hope of serving your better and faster. As a result, the forum has received less focus during this time. In the next few days, we will strive to catch up and respond to the previous questions.

Thank you for your patience.
SquareLine Team


Thanks for the information about your team. Hopefully this will help with more timely releases especially when dealing with critical bugs.

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Nice changes, but Id like options to hide the new tabs at least the animation tab as its almost always not needed all the time

Hi, thanks for the feedback. We plan to make the tab panels hideable.