V1.4.0 CPU usage is too high

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I have 1100+ objs in my SquareLine project, and when I modify any parameter of a obj, software goes very slow, every operation need to wait several seconds…

is there any setting tips to handle this situation,
or why this appear?

or is there any way to divide a complex UI into several SquareLine projects…
or is there any tips to handle a big complex UI by SquareLine

the software is not cheap and I hope it be easy to use

What have you tried so far?

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In the upcoming SquareLine Studio version the attention will be paid on fixing issues and improving speed of complex projects.
Until that, if you divide your project into several smaller UI-projects, and use different names for screens/widgets (e.g. a partnumber/prefix to the names), it might not be hard to have several uiXX.c and uiXX.h files beside each other. A bit of manual tweaking would still be involved though, I attached a zip-file Multi_SquareLineProject_build.zip (3.8 MB) with an example and description in README.md. There are plans for direct automatic support of this, based on an idea of a past forum question ( Option to design standalone UI elements that can be easily added to an existing UI ).

to me, the example code looks like…
manually merging the two “ui” folders generated by two SquareLine project into one
If this process can be automated, it’s better

One more thing/tip: The current undo engine saves everything, not just the canges, and it definitely affects the response time of SquareLine Studio UI. If you set the ‘Undo history size’ to ‘Off’ in Preferences panel the editing of big projects will likely become faster. (In the next version of SquareLine Studio there will be a much stabler and faster undo engine.)

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much more fast then before if turn off the “Undo” fun, thanks
many weird rules about this software…

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Good to see it solved the project complexity’s slowdown problem instantly.