V1.4.0 is released!

Hi Guys,

We are delighted to share the exciting news of our latest release, version v1.4.0! This update introduces numerous new features that will further simplify your UI design experience.

  • In this new version, our biggest novelty are global colors and theme handling.

  • Screens are now movable in the editor, just like in Figma, allowing better structuring of the project’s appearance in the editor.

  • Assets can now be imported from external drives, such as SD cards or external flash drives, enabling the use of images and fonts directly from external sources.

  • We have now command-line export possibility, allowing code exporting without launching the program.

  • New example projects added: EV charger in two resolutions, E-bike demo with enhanced features at 800x480 px.

  • LVGL 8.3.11 support.

You can get the new version from the usual Download page.

We thank your feedbacks, insights, thoughts here.

SquareLine team

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Isn’t it 800x480px?

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve corrected it in the post above.