What exactly, do these parameters in Project Settings actually do?

Hi All

Apologies for the myriad of questions today from this enthusiastic new user!

I have been trying to figure out what exactly the offset x and offset y parameters in Project Settings actually do? Although I am still having trouble getting the app to do what I want (I’ll get there!), I have tried changing these values yet I cannot see any affect on the resulting code and display.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 21.27.01

I have tried changing them to low(ish) values and high values, but see no difference in any resulting layout or code. Could someone please let me know what they do.


Boards can use these parameters when you export a template project. AFAIK no board uses it yet, but it could be useful e.g. if you have a 240x240 UI on a 320x240 screen, and you want to specify where to place that smaller “active area”.

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Yep, gotcha! Thanks for the clarification, appreciated.

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