What image formats does SquareLine Studio support?

Currently, it is known that PNG format can be supported, but the source file output is 32bit, while the hardware screen only supports 16bit. There will be color faults. May I ask when SquareLine Studio can support BMP format? Because only when the output source file format is BMP, can I freely choose a color depth of 16bit

June you miss, for 16bit projects is source exported as 16bit without alpha or as 24 with alpha.
But you can freely use online export tool and replace source file …

So how to convert a PNG format source file from 32bit to 16bit? Do you have any online tool recommendations?

Where you see 32bit ???

It is seen in the file information of the source file

You mean truecolor header , but this is lvgl missinformation. Check real bytes in array… And read Images — LVGL documentation

Online converter is in docu and you can use it for create c files , that you manualy swap or add into squareline generated project. For example i use RAW for png store in code and decode on show or CF_INDEXED or CF_ALPHA for save space on simple images.

And ofcourse Squareline project default depth is 16 bit.

We don’t plan to support BMP format. At the moment pictures are converted with LVGL’s tool and that only supports PNG currently. SquareLine converts the pictures pulled into the Assets panel to the selected color format: 8bit, 16bit (normal/swapped), 32bit