When opening an existing project it hangs with "Rebuilding all screens..."

What do you want to achieve?

Open an existing project, but it hangs with Rebuilding all screens…

What have you tried so far?

Opening the project and the backup file

Screenshot or video


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.4.0
  • Operating system: Windows 11
  • Target hardware: ESP32-S3 Arduino, Arduino with TFT_eSPI Version v1.1.1 LGVL 8.3.6

Could you check if there’s an error message in the console? Probably there’s a widget in the project file you want to load that has invalid data, for some reason. (We’ve particularly seen/suspected problems with ImageButton in the past, it’s worth a try if you delete it, then you can press ‘REFRESH ALL SCREEN’ button on the ‘Themes’ tab.)

Happens to me when deleting unused assets with windows explorer directly from asset folder. Looking into project files, these assets are mentioned even though thes are unused. Sebveral times, I had to get old pictures from windows bin to get project working again. I would liek to see automatic cleanup or menu button to cleanp project for unsused files.

@Caipiforsch: After trying with various deletion of the image (from screen and/or from assets) in SquareLine Studio 1.4 and the references are always deleted from the spj project-file. You should delete with the ‘X’ in the corner of the image in the assets panel, not directly in the assets folder.

We have encountered this issue and we figured that if there is a label or text element that contains a character that is not included with the associated font, it will stuck in rebuilding all screeens. In our case, it was “double quotes” character.

Because of that we lost around 3 hours of work until we discovered this issue.

We are seriously thinking about cancelling our commercial license of squareline studio and move over to EEZ studio, which seems bug free. Every new version brings tons of new bugs and we are really tired of working around of them.

Note: There is also another bug when system connected to 3DConnecxion Space Mouse. It will endlessly scroll down the hierarchy list until either we need to disable the mouse driver or click several times inside the screen view.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ve tested with the unincluded characters, that didn’t give a problem, but using “” double-quotes might need some review…

I think it was a newline character (\n) that was entered by pressing Enter in the textbox. Removing that may have been the solution. The fix was not instant, but the next time I loaded the project it started working.

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Thanks for the information, we’ll look at the ‘\n’ character case as well.