Where is the Menu widget in SquareLine Studio 1.2.0 trial version?

I’m sorry for the late reply. Somehow I haven’t noticed this topic. :frowning:

Some widgets are still really missing from SLS because they require special handling. We are adding these gradually.

Speaking about the menu widget, I consider it a quite special and complex one (i.e. not too generic) and I think it’d be hard to use in UIs. Ideally it should be possible to easily create such a widget in SLS from scartch using layouts, events and components.

If you would like to extend the functionality of the UI you can do anything after calling ui_init(). So if you need to add some extra features for the roller (which are not supported in SLS) you can just do something like:

lv_roller_set_...(ui_Roller_1, ...);