white workspace instead of blank

I have the following problem when trying to use Squiare Line Studio v1.3.4
I installed the program on Windows 10 - 64 bit without problems and the first few attempts to enter the program interface had no problems.
On my next attempt to launch it (the other day), when trying to create a new project, the work area on the screen was no longer blank, but completely white.
I tried to load a PGN file from assets as background, but it doesn’t render.
I uninstalled the program, cleaned the computer - Program Files and all other folders in the computer and Registry for residual traces of the program, restarted it and reinstalled the same version.
The result was still the same - instead of a “blank” field, a white work field again, and when I tried to create a new project. Without opening the previous project, which to my surprise was available again in the “Open” menu, even though the program was installed fresh.
I am attaching 3 photos.
I was unable to attach the photos to this message, so I am giving you a link to my Google Disk: - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WvsFn-vLim4r1_1iHo6nl5eqrcAfynC9?usp=sharing

Why does this issue occur and how do I clear it?
The registration I made before downloading the program was with e-mail: vean@abv.bg

We couldn’t open the linked screensot to see what your problem exactly is. Could you please give the rights to see it or attach the screenshot directly in the forum?

Thank you for your attention! I have given full share to all three photos and below are the links to each one.

Photo 1 - Photo 1.pdf - Google Drive
Photo 2 - Photo 3.pdf - Google Drive
Photo 3 - Photo 2.pdf - Google Drive

In addition, I want to tell you that in Windows Explorer I have allowed all hidden folders to be seen. I think I carefully checked the entire disk for leftovers after the first uninstall of the program, including the Registries. I may have missed something somewhere, but the result after another reinstall of the program was the same as described in my first message.
With respect: Veselin

Aghh next new era boy. We programmer from 1980 never use filenames chaos spaces case mixed … Your fail is PNG must be png , why …

Thank you very much. The result is positive. But I have no idea why Windows 10 gave me this number. And I also know that extensions should be in lowercase, and I never expected that to happen when I saved this file. And I did not notice this detail. Thanks!

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