Why is my CPU at 100% all the time?


I’m using latest version for linux. At debian, with nvidia drivers. Every time i start the studio my CPU jumps to 100%.

Any suggestion how to optimize it?

Can you send a screenshot when running htop and attache the logs?

Unfortunately there is no option to upload logs here.


And you also have 2 link limitation for a new users. Silly.

The rest:


Print Screen: https://snipboard.io/hVpPR5.jpg

Anyone? Any chance of getting help with this?

Hello again, is there anyone who can look into this?

It’s Literally a showstopper for me.

I’m sorry, we are looking into it now!

Please try starting SquareLine with

./SquareLine_Studio.x86_64 -force-opengl

I did try that already but it doesn’t help.

Same thing happens…

Does this say anything to you? @kisvegabor


we found this which might be related: Nvidia 100% cpu usage - Pls Help me it is very important! - Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Now you should be able to attach files. Please add the logs again.