Widgets are not rendered

I’ve just downloaded SquareLine Studio for the first time, started a new project, but the root widget (screen? window? panel?) looked like it was transparent (checkered pattern), and every widget that I tried adding had no width/height (just a blue dot, which is probably supposed to be used for scaling the widget).

Then I tried opening a demo project (“Driving”), but it was the same.

What have you tried so far?

Quitting the application and starting it again.

Screenshot or video


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.2
  • Operating system: MacOS Ventura (13.5.1)
  • Target hardware: ESP32

I have the same issue, the app is unusable and my free trial period is expiring. No idea how I’m supposed to justify buying a license when my first attempt to use the product fails at adding a first widget.

  • MacOS Ventura, Apple Silicon M2 Max
  • SquareLine Studio v1.3.2
  • ESP32

Every component I add to my screen renders in the upper left, outside the circular bounds, at 0 width/height. I’m unable to resize via my mouse or the Widget Inspector.

I do see a warning on the forum:

Some users reported that SLS v1.3.2 is not working properly on Arm based Mac-s. We are already working on a fixing. In the meantime as a workaround you can start SquareLine with Rosetta.

But since the app is built as an “Application (Universal)”, I don’t have the option to try using Rosetta.

Is there a timeframe you expect for releasing a fix? The previous post was from a month ago. That kind of delay in fixing a bug that prevents users from using the entire app also doesn’t give me confidence in buying a license …

Do I get an extension on my free trial if the app is totally busted?

How to run Windows on an M1 or M2 Mac (macpaw.com) opt 2 or 3

@Marian_M This isn’t helpful, an app designed for Mac should run on a Mac. Installing an entirely different OS is not a reasonable solution to a malfunctioning app, especially if I’m willing to pay for a license.

@grant maybe yes, but too isnt helpful waste time create app for every OS . This result to many bad apps instead one best. Too Apple OS isnt very friendly for app creators … I mean better is one good app in one OS as …
And for your info this app work ok on MACs based on Intel. Why it dont work on M ask on Apples

I totally understand the hate towards Apple, and I’m all for it, but if your application is not working, remove the installation for Apple products and say that their OS is not supported. This guy wasted his trial period on the faulty application, which is not cool.

Hmm trial period is unlimited for registered users (with login) ofcourse with free use limits.

There’s no reason to hate on any popular OS, especially when Mac is the preferred OS for many developers, including myself. Windows is a fine OS for development, too.

… waste time create app for every OS . This result to many bad apps instead one best.

I disagree … SquareLine makes money from customers like me who are willing to pay for licenses to get premium features (if they work, of course). So creating apps for multiple operating systems expands their potential customer base, and therefore revenue, which is a pretty standard business model.

I’m glad they intend to support Apple Silicon, but there’s a fatal bug preventing me from evaluating the product, and they should know about it because I’m not the only person running into this, and that’s likely costing them money. A fix is good for both them & and for developers.

Anyway, I’m just posting a bug report in hopes that SquareLine will prioritize the fix, because I’ve already invested a lot of time in LVGL. I’m not a fan of these open forums instead of a proper bug tracking system, because forums attract a lot of opinions that I’m frankly not interested in.

If anyone is aware of a better support channel for this issue, I’d appreciate helpful information like that.

Yes if you pay and need develop i write in first reply one way how continue instead wait for slowwww SQS solve. And yes

create buggy apps , that need repair payed subscription and update every …