Wrong color image

Tried various different image formats, but it’s always the same.

In SquareLine:


But on the device:

This is on an M5Stack Core2

In “Project settings”, please set Color depth to “16 bit swap”:

Already in that mode and it’s the only one available anyway:

FYI tried a grayscale image and it does the same… Any hints on how to fix this ?

You should try pure color such as RED, GREEN, BLUE to fill the screen in order to find the root cause of this problem.

When I ran into the image color issue I posted about I tried filling the screen with Red, Green and Blue as Leo suggested and it worked perfectly. The result was the same for both Lovyan GFX and tft-Espi which indicated the problem was solely related to LVGL.


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Try show here code flush cb and first 30 lines of lv_conf.h in project.

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Damn, you are definitely a “BUG HUNTER”. :laughing: