WT32-SC01 Display working, but not detecting touch

I’m working with the WT32-SC01 through SquareLine Studio, and I am able to upload my work to the touch screen with Arduino. Although it (seems to) upload and run just fine, it is not detecting any touch.

I’ve run the TFT_eSPI calibration example. This is the result.
Are these numbers… normal?

I also ran the Read_User_Setup example, and here is the result of that diagnostic.

User_Setup_Select has the WT32-SC01 option enabled, and I set the pins to match the result from the diagnostic in the WT32-SC01 setup file. To be double sure, I also went into User_Setup and set the pins in that file, as well.

Is there a step I missed? I can see the starting screen just fine, all elements are there, I just can’t interact with the screen at all.

Any help at all would be appreciated.

look at this post, maybe you have similar problem with TFT_eSPI…

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Gave their solution a try, didn’t work for me :frowning: I’ll keep toiling on, but hopefully someone out there has experienced something similar and found a solution

Result of the calibration is not valid. You should have something like this: uint16_t calData[5] = { 304, 3504, 368, 3512, 2 };

Also I would try this setup.

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Please go to this URL and select the firmware and flash it.
You only need a Browser and a USB cable.

Source code for the project is here

Integration with SquareLine Studio coming soon.